Stephon X. Jones

Web Developer | PC Tech | Musician

Malware Removal

Infected with a virus?

Is your browser redirecting you to weird pages?

Has your computer suddendly begun to run slow?

Talk to me about removing the malware or viruses from your computer.

Computer Repair

Is your computer giving you blue screens or infinite rainbow wheels?

If a component on your desktop or laptop needs replacing, such as a memory module, processor, motherboard (or motherboard component), harddrives or optical drives,

I'll gladly take care of any computer component repairs you need.


Recover your PC from consistent memory leaks. Regain functionality of your machine.

Home or Office Upgrade

Upgrade your home office or gaming room computer's features.

Add new peripherals, componenets, or data drives.

CPU/GPU Upgrade

Export faster, run games on max settings, create digital art. Add memory or processing power to your rig.

Board/Component Repair

I can take care of your interface boards or cards that are in need of repair.

Bring them or send them to me.

Malware/Virus Removal

Bring your computer back to full speed.

Talk to me today about removing malware from your machine.

Mobile Repair

Oh no! A screek crack!? Don't worry. We'll fix your palm baby's face.

I'll replace any individual components you may need.

Services & Upgrades

I perform other computer repair and upgrade services as well. Including harddrive backups, upgrades for memory or networking cards, home or office networking configuration, and much more. If there is a service or upgrade that you would like to add on to your device, please let me know.